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Appeal against the offer of a school place

If your child does not get a place at any of the primary or secondary schools you applied for, you can appeal against this decision.

Your appeal will be decided by a panel which is independent of both the school and the council and the decision is binding on all parties.

Appeal for a school place

To appeal for a place at the school you want your child to attend, contact us to speak to an appeals officer. If you then decide to appeal you can complete a school admission appeal form and return it to us. You will need to refer to the Icon for pdf school admission appeals process and rules (PDF, 368.5kb)  to help you complete the form. Please provide proof of your child's address with your appeal documentation.

Unfortunately, children lose places every year due to parents giving false information on their child's application forms and/or appeal forms. We therefore reserve the right to seek proof of address, and will do so if your appeal is successful at an oversubscribed school. We will withdraw an offer of a place if it was obtained through a fraudulent or intentionally misleading application. You will be asked to sign a declaration to state that you: 

  • have read, understood and agree to abide by the conditions as set out in the Primary and Secondary Schools Admission Guide available on our School places and admissions page.
  • confirm that you have parental responsibility for the child (or have care and control of the child), and in seeking to apply for your child a school place, you have no knowledge of any opposition to this application from any other person who has parental responsibility for the child. (If applicable, you will inform us of the individual who opposes the appeal and supply their contact details).
  • will immediately let us know in writing or by email to of any change of address details after the submission of your child's application.
  • understand that your child's school place can be withdrawn even if he/she has started at the school if the place was fraudulently obtained.

Signing the declaration and our General Data Protection Regulation Policy

We comply with all relevant statutory obligations. When we process your personal information, it will be handled in accordance with the our privacy statement which you can view on Privacy notices and data protection. The Icon for pdf Privacy notice - education support (PDF, 141.8kb) provides more specific information on the data collected and how it is handled. If you have any concerns about how your data is handled, please contact either the Data Protection Officer at or the Information Commissioner's Office at

By signing the declaration you:

  • agree and consent to us checking the details you have provided on this application against Council Tax, Electoral Registration, other council records and neighbouring councils to confirm that the child is resident at the address in Section A.
  • understand that we will check your data with other agencies, where it is necessary to do so and where the law allows, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (see our Data Protection & Freedom of Information page).
  • understand that if you have provided information that is incorrect or incomplete, you may be investigated and action may be taken against you (including court action).

Infant class size appeals (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)

By law, infant classes must not have more than 30 children except for very limited exceptions. This means it is very difficult to win an appeal and personal circumstances such as home to school distance, childcare arrangements, transport issues or having children at other schools are not reasons in themselves to make an appeal successful.

An appeal can only be successful if one or more of the following circumstances apply:

  • if the admission of the child would not increase the class size to over 30
  • if the admission arrangements do not comply with the law
  • if the admission arrangements were incorrectly applied
  • If the decision to refuse admission was unreasonable (completely perverse and outrageous) in light of the admission arrangements

If you are considering an appeal for these year groups you are advised to contact us as we will be able to explain in more detail about the law relating to infant class sizes. 

Voluntary aided (faith) school appeals

Contact the school directly for information about their appeals procedure.

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