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What's available in our libraries?

Let your local library fuel your imagination through books, courses, events and activities whatever your age.

Our libraries offer a range of resources including:


Our libraries offer a wide range of books for everyone with three quarters of a million titles to choose from. You can borrow up to twelve books and two talking books for three weeks at a time. To make life easier you can borrow and return them at any County Durham library - they don't have to be returned to the library you got them from.

Computers and the internet

All libraries have free internet access with a range of software and high speed broadband internet. You can book a computer session in person, by telephoning your local library, or via Library Online.

Emagazines, ebooks and eaudiobooks

The library offers a fantastic range of ebooks, eaudiobooks and emagazines which you can download online for free with your library card.


Every library has a HealthZones with books to borrow and leaflets and information to take away. From alternative remedies to self-help programmes and healthy cooking books, you'll be sure to find information to help and inspire you.

Local history

If you are interested in local and family history, local libraries are a good place to start your research. The type of resources available depends on the size of the library, but many local libraries have a small local history collection and staff who can point you in the right direction for your research.


Find out what activities your local library offers, including reading groups and Toddler Time (activities for under-fives).