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Ask to be put on a school's waiting list

How to get your child's name added to the waiting list for an over-subscribed school.

How to get your details added

If you applied for a school place online

Log in to your school place offer email to add your child's name to the waiting list of a school for which you had expressed a preference for. If you wish to add your child's name to a waiting list for a school that you had not selected as a preference contact us by 3 March 2020 (secondary school) or 7 May 2020 (primary school).

If you did not apply for a school place online

Return the form enclosed with your school place offer, or contact us. If it's for a voluntary aided (faith) school then you should contact the school directly.

How the waiting list works

The list does not work on a first come, first served basis. It is ranked according to an individual school's over-subscription criteria. It is maintained throughout the school year and your position on the list may change as children are added or removed from it. Vacancies can arise at short notice and you should be prepared to take up a place as soon as it is offered. If you want your child to remain on a waiting list for more than one school year you must inform us in writing or by email between 1-30 June.

Contact us to find out your child's current position on the list.

Moving house

If you move house, whilst your child's name is on the waiting list, you must let us know immediately as it may affect your position on the list. You should do this in writing, by email or post.

Travel to school

If the school is now not your nearest suitable school, you may be affected by our home to school transport policies.

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