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Partnerships we work with

We work in partnership with organisations and individuals on a wide range of initiatives and projects. This helps ensure everything we do is the best it can be. This page gives details of the partners we work with to provide services to the people of County Durham.

Area Action Partnerships

Our Area Action Partnerships work with community groups, organisations and individuals to provide better all-round services for people in the county.

Brighter Bishop Auckland

We work with statutory, voluntary and community agencies who have come together to form the Brighter Bishop Auckland partnership.

Business partners

We work with organisations to help business develop in the county: 

Children's partnerships

Community groups and centres

We work with a number of community groups, including:

  • Community centres and associations
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Youth clubs

County Durham Partnership

Many of the organisations we work with are part of the County Durham Partnership. The County Durham Partnership website will give you more details on its work and who is involved.

Crime and community safety partners

Many organisations work together to tackle crime and the causes and effects of crime in County Durham:

Education partners

We not only run schools in County Durham, but we work with other organisations to provide the best education for the people of the county as possible:

Environment partners

Our partners help to improve the environment in and around County Durham:

Equality and diversity partners

As a local council, we make sure that our services are open and accessible to all. To help us do that, we work in partnership with groups to give us guidance on equality and diversity issues: 

Health partners

Good health is a priority for everybody. We work with the following organisations on a range of health-related projects:

Housing partners

Some of the responsibility we have for council housing is managed by 'arms length organisations' as Housing associations.

International partners

Our work isn't just confined to these shores. We work with partners right across the world. Find out about our International partnerships.


We work closely with Members of Parliament

Neighbouring councils

We often work alongside neighbouring councils:

Theatres, museums and entertainment venues

We directly run some venues in the county, but we are also involved in others:

Town and parish councils

Parish & Town Councils provide different local services throughout the county.

Traffic and travel partners

Traffic and travel is vitally important to the success of County Durham in so many areas:

Voluntary organisations

Voluntary organisations carry out a lot of work, providing services and giving people the chance to develop their skills. The volunteer centres in the county can help you get involved:

We also have a range of volunteering opportunities available with us. To find out more see our volunteering page. 

Welfare organisations

Helping people with jobs and benefits is an important role for these organisations:

Our services

We provide many of the services for people that live and work in County Durham. You can get an idea of the public services we provide on our structure page. Alternatively, get in touch with us.