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Winter gritting routes

Find information about our winter roads service including the roads in County Durham which are identified as gritting routes.

Follow us on Twitter #twittergritterNE to keep up to date with our winter roads service.

Our road gritting service

Pre-salting (gritting) is the laying of rock salt before frosty conditions. It stops ice forming on the road surface. Our road network is split into priority 1 and priority 2 routes.

  • Priority 1 routes: These routes typically include all of the A roads and the majority of the B roads, most bus routes and other busy areas. 
  • Priority 2 routes: In times of prolonged severe weather we will also treat some minor and C roads, as resources become available.

The A1, A19 and A66 roads are managed by Highways England. 

Winter gritting video transcript (PDF) [119KB]

Today's gritting plans

Find out about today's gritting plans - which roads we plan to grit and/or which roads we have gritted.

How are decisions made?

The decision to pre-salt (grit) the road network is based on forecasts for:

  • winter weather
  • road surface temperature
  • dampness of the road surface
  • air temperature and humidity

Snow clearance

Find information about road and footpath clearance during heavy snow.

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