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Information about your Council Tax bill

Council Tax is one of the ways that we raise money to pay for local services such as education, care services for the elderly and children, libraries and bin collections.

What is Council Tax

What is Council Tax transcript 2024 (PDF) [109KB]

Understanding your Council Tax bill

Understanding your Council Tax bill transcript 2024 (PDF) [127KB]

Each year:

  • we empty over six million rubbish bins and six million recycling bins every year
  • we recycle and compost over 84,000 tonnes of material from kerbside collections and household waste recycling centres
  • we support 262 schools and a pupil referral unit, ensuring children have the opportunities to reach their full potential
  • we provide job support to help deliver the County Durham Inclusive Economic Strategy's vision to create more and better jobs in an inclusive, green economy
  • we invest in our leisure centres, parks and open spaces, supporting our health and wellbeing strategy for the people of County Durham
  • we provide adult and children social care services for the most vulnerable people in our community

Council Tax is also made up of charges for the police, fire service, town and parish councils and the Charter Trust for the City of Durham.

This year's Council Tax bill

This year there will be an increase of 2.99 per cent in the core element of Council Tax, shown as 3 per cent on your bill, as we must show the figure to one decimal place. Your bill also includes a separate adult social care precept of 2 per cent to help meet the rising costs of adult social care services for vulnerable adults. This is in line with Government guidance and expectations. 

    More information about Council Tax and budgets for the current year is available below:

    Financial and mental health support

    We know that rising costs continue to squeeze our budgets, our pages Help with your money and Look after your mental health have information to help guide you to the support you need.  

    How we calculate Council Tax

    See Council Tax bands to understand how we calculate your Council Tax.

    Get money off your Council Tax bill

    You may be entitled to a reduction in the amount of Council Tax you pay, depending on your circumstances:

    See Get money off your Council Tax bill for a full list of Council Tax discounts.

    Support if you are struggling to pay

    If you're having problems paying instalments on time, speak to us as soon as you can. We'll look to see if you are eligible for any of the above discounts, or consider whether you are eligible for Council Tax hardship relief. Also see our benefits and support information.

    Save time - do it online

    Register for secure access to your Council Tax account online and you'll be able to view your information at any time without needing to keep track of or store paper bills. See View your Council Tax account online.

    If you think your bill is not correct

    You can make an appeal about council tax if you think your band is incorrect, or if you think your bill is calculated incorrectly. For example, if you think you should be receiving a discount or exemption, or if you think you're not the person who should be paying the Council Tax bill.


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